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'The Window' has been the Society's newsletter since it first began in 1984.

  • It shows how the Society has grown and developed over the years.

  • It provides a 'grassroots' impression of the way in which our two Christian traditions have slowly begun to come together.

  • It describes some of the links and partnerships that have been made across denominational boundaries. 

This archive is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to follow the story of some of the major conversations and agreements between Lutherans and Anglicans during the latter part of the twentieth century until now. 

It is also a useful tool for students wanting to write a dissertation or long essay on ecumenism and how it is being worked out at international, national and local levels.


The articles and descriptions of the Society's annual gatherings and international conferences paint powerful pictures of how ecumenical agreements open up all kinds of possibilities for parishes and local congregations.

But with more than 120 issues to explore how do you find your way around?

We have created these two alphabetical indexes:


  • One is an INDEX OF TOPICS - this also has a key to the abbreviations used in the index. 

  • The other is an INDEX OF PEOPLE'S NAMES.

They are both Excel documents. Just click on the buttons to download them.

We confess that they were not made by a professional indexer.  They are not perfect.  But they work!

For example, if you want to find out about the Meissen Agreement,


  • find 'Meissen' in the index of topics.  You'll then find listed all the references to Meissen in issue date order.  So you can trace the progress of the conversations leading up to the Agreement, and examples of how it is being worked out in practice ever since. 

  • Each reference has the issue number and the number of the relevant article in that issue.

  • Find the issue by clicking the appropriate button at the top of this page.

  • Open that issue in your PDF reader.

  • Enter 'Meissen' into the search facility and the relevant article(s) will appear.

  • You can copy and paste from the PDF into your own documents.

If you want to find references to a particular person

  • search the index of names and follow the same procedure as above

Please bear in mind that this is still in the development stage.  We will not be surprised if you find errors.  When you do, please tell us by emailing so that we can put them right.

You will discover that the most recent issues of The Window do NOT appear in the archive or indexes.  If you want to read these you will need to join the Society - and we hope you will - it's easy. Just click here.  Otherwise you must wait a year until they are uploaded!

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